Horses First provides a wide range of services related to horses, their care and maintenance. We aim to provide support throughout each horse’s life, starting from the hoof and branching into areas like day to day management, health care and learning material to provide people with up to date and practical knowledge.

3D printing – anything is possible

One of the things that keeps reoccurring over and over when shoeing horses is that every horse needs it’s own individual solution. Even if you have two horses that seem to have the same problem – let’s take a giant flat-footed warmblood with low heels – depending on the age, discipline and environment, you will end up with very different shoeing solutions. (more…)


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Regular shoeing for your horse

… from basic every day shoeing for the hobby horse to solutions for high performance horses, or support for lower limb injuries and diseases.
Hoofcare history/maintenance (through LifeLearn mobile application)
… follow your horse’s hoofcare from your mobile phone. Ask questions, receive answers, learn about your horse’s hooves and shoeing needs
Trimming (horses, donkeys, mules)
… trimming is a critical part of shoeing, and in case of barefoot animals, a regular trimming schedule is vital.
… our main goal is to support horses first. We also offer consultation services for horse owners, farriers and vets who would like to discuss any problems or queries with a wider audience. We connect experienced equine professionals and pull together knowledge in order to better serve our customers.


Training, learning resources and consultation

Here are some examples of the learning resources and consultation provided.

For farriers:
– The basics of our trade: trimming, shoeing and forging
– Moving into remedial shoeing and more special requirements
– Communicating with vets and better understanding of shoeing instructions coming from the clinics

For horse owners:
– Understanding and evaluating your horse’s health and well-being
– Recognising potential problems, and who to contact for help
– Preventing injuries and diseases, extending the lifetime of your horse and improving the quality of life
– Behaviour/communication consultation

For vets and farriers:
– Interpreting x-rays for palmar angle and medio-lateral balance, sole thickness, possible abscesses, keratoma and laminitis, arthritis in joints etc.
– Lameness evaluations
– Case studies
– Remedial shoes and their uses